Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Rainy Day Activities- Perfect for Today!!

I read a very timely article today about things to do on a rainy day.  Enjoy!  And let me know how it went: 

Rainy Day Kid Tips
This season brings with it its share of rainy days. And while you and other homeowners may not be able to work on your yards, clean out gutters, or install that new walkway, a stormy day can be a perfect time to settle in to enjoy family and the home you've put so much effort in to. Here are ten great stay-at-home activities for you to try with your crew.
1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt. Hide a prize, such as a movie to watch or a treat to eat, in the final location, and then leave a succession of clues and riddles around your home for the kids to investigate and follow.
Read more great Rainy Day ideas... and have a GREAT rain day!!

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