Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Rainy Day Activities- Perfect for Today!!

I read a very timely article today about things to do on a rainy day.  Enjoy!  And let me know how it went: 

Rainy Day Kid Tips
This season brings with it its share of rainy days. And while you and other homeowners may not be able to work on your yards, clean out gutters, or install that new walkway, a stormy day can be a perfect time to settle in to enjoy family and the home you've put so much effort in to. Here are ten great stay-at-home activities for you to try with your crew.
1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt. Hide a prize, such as a movie to watch or a treat to eat, in the final location, and then leave a succession of clues and riddles around your home for the kids to investigate and follow.
Read more great Rainy Day ideas... and have a GREAT rain day!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Playground Proposed for Belle Creek

Belle Creek Family Center
Bringing the Community Together
Initial Plans for New Playground Proceeding with Enthusiasm
The Playground Committee met last week and made great strides in choosing a location for Belle Creek’s new playground equipment.  The proposed site is the pocket park on Dayton Way, between 108th Drive and 109th Avenue.  All pocket parks were initially considered as possible sites, as well as the Belle Creek central park.  Each area was considered based on size, drainage, and whether there would be proper setback from a road.  Some sites were excluded based on these criteria alone.
Subcommittees were then formed to poll the surrounding neighbors to determine whether this new amenity was agreeable to all those immediately adjacent to the green spaces.  Once all the polling was completed, the subcommittees met to vote on a final location to present to the Metro District.  The location on the northeast side won hands down- by a 3 to 1 ratio.
Funds for the $100,000 project are being donated by the City of Commerce City Parks and Recreation Department.  These funds come from lottery dollars that are earmarked specifically for this project, to be used for a playground, which includes site preparation, irrigation, and playground equipment.
Once the Metro District approves the site, the committee will come together to select equipment.  The Playground Committee foresees the playground opening by early summer 2010!
This is great news for Belle Creek residents and will make further improvements of this sort proceed even more smoothly.  Having gone through the process once already, future committees will have a system in place to follow for other projects.  Other great ideas from the committee included a pavilion or gazebo and grills.  These ideas will be explored at a later date.
See you at the playground!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coming Soon! 10813 Belle Creek Boulevard

You are not going to believe how beautiful this home is!
3 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms in this 1763 square foot home.
472 sqft finished basement.
Top notch designer finishes everywhere- Wow!
Join me Saturday, April 17 from 11am - 2 pm to see this spotless beauty.
Check out the pictures:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspired! Appealing Property Taxes to Lower Them, Steps 1 and 2

Yesterday, I read an article on msnbc entitled "High Property Taxes? 4 steps to lowering them."
If you have lived in Belle Creek for long, you no doubt have watched our sales values take a hit, while our property taxes stay high.  I am a serious proponent of supporting public schools and having good roads, and taking care of our parks.  I am also a pretty big supporter of not paying too much for property taxes.
When we got our tax bill this year, I stared at the nearly $4,000 and swallowed the bile rising in my throat. Good lord, isn't there something we can do about this?
Turns out there is.
Step 1: Track Down the Paperwork.  
This is where I am in the process.  I called the Adams County Assessor's office (303-654-6038) this morning after trying to find the form on their website.  A very nice and knowledgeable employee told me that Notices of Valuation were sent May 2009, and they are only sent every other year.  On the back of this notice is the form for appealing your property taxes.
Unfortunately, I am not as organized as I would like to be, and I have no idea where I put that form.  When it comes to business, I can lay my hands on paperwork at a moment's notice, but when it comes to personal stuff...
He must not have been working in county government for long, because he laughed and told me he would send out another copy right away.
Step 2: Understand the Process
Although there is a form on the back of the valuation notice, you do not need it to appeal your tax value. You must submit a written protest, but it can be done by mail, fax or in person.  This must be done before June 1.  If you submit it in person, you can sit with the county appraiser and discuss where the value comes from and plead your case.
Be sure to bring as much evidence as you can.  If you have a recent appraisal, this will help.  Also, bringing a list of recent sold comparable properties in your neighborhood will help.
I have only gotten this far in the process myself, so I will report what happens as it happens.  Wish me luck...

If you would like assistance in appealing your property taxes and need recent solds in  your area, please email me or call me at 720-341-5235.  This is a FREE service that I am happy to assist you with.