Sunday, January 31, 2010

Belle Creek Community Raises Funds to Battle Cancer

Belle Creek Family Center Creates Fund Raiser to Help Levi Rose Battle Cancer

My good friend Jamie Shaw sent me an invitation to this fundraiser.  It will benefit one of our neighbors who is one of the most all around loving and gentle souls you could ever meet.  
Upon reading it, I was moved to post it as part of the Belle Creek Blog.  The words are written by Jamie, but the sentiment is one so many of us share- to help our neighbors and come together as a community.  Please join us!

Colon Cancer treatment fundraiser
(Spaghetti dinner & silent auction )
for Levi Rose
February 6, 2010 @ 5 PM to 7 PM
Belle Creek Family Center
10693 Belle Creek Blvd.
"Levi lives in Belle Creek and works at the Community Center. His smile and charm is always a welcoming site when you come to the facility. Levi is family, church and community oriented and invests his time and heart into all.
Levi was diagnosed, shortly after the birth of his new baby Brecken, with stage 3B colon cancer. He had a surgery to remove the primary mass and has been receiving Chemo ever since. He is only able to work part time at the center and the new health insurance he is using has a new out of pocket deductible of $2500. That is our goal to help him cover these expenses as well as keep him financially secure so that he can focus on recovery.
We would like to help him and his family through this difficult time and support the glorious testimony his life of faith and love has on so many.
If you are interested in donation money or supplies to help underwrite the event or want to join us in music and fellowship to lift him and his family up please contact Jamie at 720-404-9892 or
(Please RSVP so that we know how many to prepare for the day of the dinner. )
Thank you for your consideration and support in our friends journey."

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